The Cybersecurity Liability of the CCOs and other Executives of SEC Registered Firms

In this video, we will scrutinize the prevalent cybersecurity shortcomings in the SEC RIA CCO community and dissect their potential legal exposure.

In light of the SEC’s recent intention to prosecute the CISO of SolarWinds following a high-profile breach, comprehending the intricacies of the cybersecurity terrain and the accompanying responsibilities has never been more imperative.

We will shed light on the pervasive lapses we have identified across a majority of SEC RIA CCOs. Our expert analysis will offer unbiased guidance on how these pitfalls can be circumvented.

As we navigate an era characterized by escalating cybersecurity incursions and heightened SEC enforcement—which can result in substantial penalties and damage to reputation—our webinar offers an essential opportunity. It equips your organization with the vital knowledge required to steer clear of such risks and potential litigation.