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As a leader in the world of cybersecurity and intelligence consulting, MTradecraft has earned the trust of over 200 SEC-registered RIAs, Hedge Funds, Broker/Dealers, and Family Offices around the globe.

MTradecraft is a BrainTrust to our clients.

We work with our clients side-by-side to ensure they are prepared for cyber attacks, regulatory compliance audits, and we provide the intelligence they need to operate with an unfair advantage against the markets and their competition.

Our services are unbiased to any vendor, software, or hardware equipment – which sets us apart from our competition because we are never selling anything on the back-end.

Brian Hahn founded MTradecraft in 2009 while doing intelligence contracting work in Costa Rica. With over two decades of expertise in investment firm operations and intelligence, he has held positions at Bridgewater Associates and CCO/COO roles with various SEC registered hedge funds and RIAs. His expertise is in investment/trade operations, cybersecurity, and cyber warfare as they relate to financial institutions.

Today, MTradecraft continues to support institutions around the globe as they face an increasingly complex and dangerous cyber-threat landscape and ever evolving compliance regulations.

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