MTradecraft Helps SEC Registered Financial Institutions Outsmart Cyber Criminals

At MTradecraft, we specialize in delivering top-tier cybersecurity consulting services tailored for SEC RIAs, hedge funds, broker-dealers, and family offices.

Our expertise lies in performing rigorous penetration testing, conducting comprehensive cyber compliance audits, and providing cutting-edge threat intelligence research.

With a deep understanding of the technical landscape and regulatory requirements, we ensure that your digital assets and client data are safeguarded against evolving cyber threats.


We provide cybersecurity and intelligence consulting services to over 200 SEC registered firms.

Leveraging our unrivaled expertise, MTradecraft provides unbiased guidance to help firms fortify their networks, streamline cyber documentation and operations, and effortlessly produce the necessary compliance documentation for regulators.

Want to automate the cybersecurity awareness training for your firm in less than 10 minutes?

We teach your employees to be vigilant defenders of your firm's network.

Fieldcraft is fully compliant with all regulations from:


Covert and unattributed intelligence projects that help our clients mitigate risk and manipulate situations so that they can operate with an competitive and strategic advantage over the markets and their competition.

Our primary goal is to assist you in reducing potential threats while strategically influencing scenarios to your benefit.

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Securing Compliance is the document that CCOs download the most.

Presenting “Securing Compliance”: The Indispensable Guide to Cybersecurity and IT Documentation Demands by the SEC.

This is a compulsory read for every firm owner, CCO, or cybersecurity manager.


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